“Potion of Youth”

Slimming, anti-cellulite and anti-ageing program. Treatment begins with whole body peeling with unique sea mineral salts with aromatic oils, which intensively cleanses the skin. Exotic body wrap with seaweed is following, your whole body will be covered with body mask with healing, skin renewing and anti-ageing and anti-cellulite effect. Body treatment will be intensified by thai body massage with special anti-cellulite and slimming thai cream, which includes natural ginger and give especially good effect.

Ginger helps to boost blood circulation and metabolism, which in turn helps to bring out the toxins and excess fluid. Program is carried out by Thai and Estonian SPA specialists. „Potion of Youth“ is a secret of shining, slim, young and beautiful look.

  • Infrared sauna (by desire), 15 min
  • Whole body peeling with sea mineral salts, 30 min
  • Exotic seaweed body treatment with body mask and massage, 60 min
  • Thai slimming massage with thai ginger cream, 60 min
2 h
45 min
Client price: