“Thai Potpourri for Men”

Treatment for men with carefully chosen aromatic oils combination, which is specially designed to heal male body. Combination for men includes : pachouli, sandal, vanilla, bergamot, citrus, coriander, maioran and other essenses. For achieving maximum effect of aromatherapy treatment also includes massage with thai herbal bags. Herbal bags are a mixture of thai herbs put into a linen bag as a compresse, which when heated with warm air, is activised and herbal essense is absorbed by skin during body massage and give positive influence for many days ahead. Massage room is also filled with delicate aroma from aroma lamps with essential oils, which while breathing give positive influence on male body.

  • Thai massage with aromatic oils combination, 1h
  • Foot massage with aromatic oils combination, 30 min
  • Thai herbal bags massage, 30 min
2 h
Client price: